Drama Reflection and Rationale

SeAnn Sivly



I became inspired to try some of the drama ideas in my summer school reading program as I experienced the joys of drama through this class.The summer reading program was five weeks, which was split up in two sessions.The first session was composed of 3rd and 4th graders reading at about the second grade level.The second session was made up of 5th and 6th graders reading about at the third to fourth grade level.In each session, I had about 10-12 students.

I have integrated so many of the ideas I learned throughout the two weekends of the Creative Drama class that I took through Lesley University.I have integrated many ideas into my summer school program that I had difficulty choosing two lessons to write up.One of the lessons was taught in my summer school reading program and the other was taught within my classroom that I had.

††††††††††† On that note, before you begin reading them, I wanted to tell you how much I truly enjoyed the drama class!I am amazed how many ideas I picked up from this class.What are even more amazing are the ideas I see in the classroom everyday.I see them and go with them.All of a sudden, my class is doing something that wasnít planned.My students think Iím a bit wacky, but they enjoy me and are learning concepts in more of a concrete way.Having the ESL (English as a Second Language) students that I do, I can tell that it really helps them understand the lesson in a whole new light.They may be able to express through body language what their speech cannot.This last class has made me a different teacherÖone that realizes school needs to be fun, as long as the important state standards are met.AND, they donít have to be included every single time!Thatís what Iíve learned. Drama truly allows children to explore their environment and body movement.Their enthusiasm and energy will be a strong indication that they are learning, yet, having fun at the same time. If you havenít done so already, see the quick drama activities for K-8 listed on this web site.