Integrating Drama with Art and Creative Writing  (3)



OBJECTIVE:  Integrating drama with art and creative writing

1.  Give each student a piece of paper with a squiggly line drawn in the center as illustrated below (81/2" x 11").  Ask students to finish the picture in the frame, incorporating the line that's on the paper.  They may turn the paper in any direction they'd like but they must color it in a way that leaves no white spaces in their picture.

2.  When they are finished with this picture, they have to give the picture a title.  Students come together and sit in a circle to share their picture and the title.  Everyone receives applause.

3. Teacher show a picture from any picture book, choose an object or character from the picture and make up a sentence that the object or character would say.  Ask students what the sentence was, teacher writes it on overhead with quotation marks.  Further illustrate quotation marks along with clear identification of the speaker by asking students to say something and writing out what they actually said in quotes.

4. Have students go back to their seats and choose the object or character they want to quote from their picture and write it out.  When they are finished, come to circle and share.  Again, each student will be applauded.

5. Divide students into groups of 4-5 students by counting off.  Have them sit with their groups.  Teacher explains that each group has to talk and figure out how to pantomime each of the group member's pictures from #1 above.  Give them about 20 minutes to do this.  Each group will then perform their pictures before the class, rotating from group to group.  One picture performed at a time.  Each performance will freeze at the end for a freeze frame.