Using Drama to Assess Student Knowledge of Body Systems  (5+)


Objective:  To assess the studentís knowledge of three of the body systems the class recently studied.

Materials: charts, diagrams, various props (paper, scarves, hats musical instruments)

How to Start:

The three systems that will be assessed are:  

The Digestive System

The Circulatory System

The Reproductive System

v    Divide the students into 3 groups. Each group goes to a different station.  Each station focuses on one of the systems mentioned above.

v    Each group has 10 minutes to design a performance that shows what they know about the body system at their station.

o      They can choose how to perform and may use one of the following: song, improvisation, creative movement, a commercial, inventive sign language, or a machine.

v    After 10 minutes the group returns to a main seating area and they take turns

o      performing in front of the class. Students will have 2-3 minutes to perform.































Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  drama will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.