Increasing Movement Awareness through Drama Activities, lesson 2  

(K & Sp.Ed.)



                                Gross Motor Group

  Target Classroom:    Integrated Kindergarten  ages 5-6

Objective:   Increase movement awareness; provide time out of wheelchair while integrating handicapped children into classroom.  Increase awareness that different ways of moving are acceptable.


Materials:  picture books with animals  (may be related to specific animal group or environment being studied).


Procedure:  Begin by having students sit on the floor as in circle time. Discuss how different animals move…. some use 4 feet; some use 2 feet, some slither, ECT.  Talk about the different way animals use their bodies to do different things…eat, dig and bury objects, climb etc.   Have the student’s think of an animal they would like to “ become”, and think about how that animal moves as it lives through a day.  Have the students spread out in the classroom and ask them to pretend to move like the animal of their choice for 2 minutes.  Assist students as needed in the movements. Ask students to tell which animal they imitated and say what it felt like to move like that animal.  Point out the many different ways animals and people move.

Response Paper   Lesson Plan 2

     I enjoyed doing this with a group of 15 kindergarteners.  I will have 2 students in this classroom that I will see for pullout Physical Therapy treatments due to their mobility problems.  One child is in a wheelchair at all times during the day except for “circle time”, and he needs special seating (a corner wedge seat) to sit on the floor without falling over.  The other is in the wheelchair for long distances or when there is a need to move quickly, otherwise she uses a walker or crawls in the classroom.  This lesson was a good way to help gain acceptance for the obvious mobility differences these children experience.  The students really improvised their characters well, although we sure had a lot of puppies and kittens.  I will try this again sometime and may present the ideas of which animal would be the focus.  I could have them all move the way they think a snake would to get them to experience the difficulty of slithering when your arms and legs don’t support your body weight as an empathy exercise. 

































































Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  drama will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.