Salmon of the Pacific Northwest - Part 1 & 2

(Sp. ed. - 3)



Objective: Improve fine motor skills

  Materials: outline of salmon on paper or tag board, lined paper to make a book, butcher block paper to line the wall to create a mural

  Description: Each student will create a book about one part of the lifecycle of a salmon using booklets available in class for resource .

  Directions: Each student will color an outline of a salmon, cut it out, paste it in a book and write a poem or story using proper letter formation, spacing and placement on line. Each student will contribute to a classroom mural, which will be the backdrop for a class skit. Each Group of 3 students will perform a short skit about the part of the salmon lifecycle they were assigned. 

Part 2

Lesson Plan Theme: The importance of salmon in the Pacific Northwest

  Objective: Improve gross motor skills while learning about salmon lifecycle.

  Description: Students will participate in two stations and an obstacle course set up in the gym depicting parts of the lifestyle of salmon.

  Station 1: Stretches and strengthening exercises that  relate to hatching fry and preparation for journey to ocean.

  Station 2: Movement/dance with scarves and “nature” music related to water to depict salmon swimming in ocean.

  Obstacle Course: depicting returning salmon

A) Trampoline: fish jumping over rocks.

B) Walk up three self-standing steps, jump off the top step:  fish ladder

C) Crawl through tunnel: fish under logs





Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  art will help children gain meaningful context throughout their lives.