A Multiple Intelligences Matrix

Experiments with Plants (6)


Materials:         Based on the unit, Experiment with Plants , Science and Technology Center

                       Linguistic Intelligence:

Writing about observations

Creating Haiku about growth process

Oral presentation of findings


Logical/Mathematical Intelligence:

Looking for patterns in plant growth

Using technology, i.e. digital camera/computer

Measuring plant growth           


Spatial Intelligence:                           

Making predictions based on observations

Making scale drawings of plants

Using digital camera to record growth


Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence:               

Working with hands to tend plants

Dramatizing the growth process


Musical Intelligence:                           

Creating sound symphony for final presentation

Listening to music to create images, i.e. The Rites of Spring, The Four Seasons


Interpersonal Intelligence:              

Working with others in this partner based project

E-mailing results to others              


Intrapersonal Intelligence:               

Keeping a journal


Naturalist Intelligence:                           

Working with plants

Exploring extension activities using butterflies










































Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  art will help children gain meaningful context throughout their lives.