Rap Lesson (3)



Objective: The students will learn their ‘sixes’ multiplication facts by writing their own multiplication rap so they can orally present the ‘sixes’ to me.

Materials Needed: 

Butcher paper and large black marker

            Chalk board and chalk

            ‘Fours’ Multiplication Rap

            Rap music and boom box

Classroom Set-up and Lesson:

Anticipatory Set: Play some rap music on tape and have the students listen and find the beat of the song played.

Input: Question students as to what they think is rap music.  Then play some from sample tapes.  Rap music is essentially a poem or rhyme to music.  It has a beat and is usually spoken/chanted to this beat.  Here, we will use multiplication rap as a device to help memorize our ‘sixes’ multiplication facts.

Modeling:  “I wrote a multiplication rap for the ‘fours’ and I need two volunteers to help me clap out the beat.”  Demonstrate the beat and recite sample rap encouraging the class to participate. Hang sample multiplication rap in front of the class.

Input:  “I would like everyone to write a multiplication rap for the ‘sixes’ but before we do that let’s go over them.”    Have already written on the board



                                    6x2= through 6x12=

Coach the students to use addition in helping them figure out all the answers.  Also remind them that 6x5 is the same as 5x6, which they already know.

Modeling:  After the class answers all the ‘sixes’, help them get started on their own multiplication rap by doing zero through two.  “Now, I’d like you to finish the ‘sixes’ from here, and you can work by yourself or with a partner.”



1.      The quickness and correctness of students answers to the ‘sixes’ on the board.

2.      Reading and grading their multiplication rap for math and spelling skills.

3.      Checking for understanding throughout the lesson modifying and adjusting my direction to answer their questions or encourage them to think differently.

4.      Success at performing their rap solo or with help from friends in front of their classmate audience.


Depending on the success of students’ multiplication raps, they can continue with raps for other multiplication facts.  If the students are comfortable, they can perform their rap for another class.  The students can also record their rap for listening to later in helping them memorize facts.



Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  music will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.