Gross Motor Group Music Activity-Rhythm sticks

(Special Education Level 2 - Gr. 1)


Objective: Improve bilateral and upper-limb coordination through music, increase social          awareness and interaction between students

Materials needed: One pair Rhythm sticks per each student

Classroom setup: Open space for a circle

Procedure: 1) Have students stand in a circle with rhythm sticks

2) Demonstrate how to properly hold rhythm sticks, assist if needed in placing hands correctly

3) Discuss with students how each personís name has a rhythm

4) Demonstrate a name rhythm using a rhythm stick (my own name)

5) Ask students to try to find a rhythm that fits their name

6) Go around the circle and have each child demonstrate the rhythm of his\her name, assist as needed.

7) Go around the circle with each child performing their rhythm, followed by the group imitating their rhythm.


Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  music will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.