Gross Motor Group Music Activity- Hopscotch patterning

(Special Ed. Level 2 - Gr. 2-3)



Target class: Self contained class grades 2 & 3

                       Group of four students

Objective: Improve motor planning skills through music, improve jumping and hopping.

Materials needed: Rubber “dots” or footprints to denote pattern on floor

Classroom setup: Open space for pattern on floor

Procedure:     1.  Place a simple hopscotch pattern on the floor using rubber dots or footprints.  Have students observe the hopscotch pattern while the instructor discusses how the pattern would sound if it were clapped out. 

2.      In the pattern where the child is expected to land on two feet, both hands would ‘slap” on knees, in the pattern where the child would land on one foot hands would clap together.                                  

3.      The teacher demonstrates the rhythm while the students are observing then the students join the clapping activity. 

4.      The students then line up at the end of the pattern on the floor.

5.      Each student claps out the rhythm and then jumps/hops the pattern before going to the end of the line.

6.      This is done several times by each child before the pattern is changed on the floor and the process is repeated with a new rhythm. 






Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  music will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.