Prairie Storm 


Goal: Students will be able to created a soundscape of a prairie storm.

Materials needed: Materials for making a rainstick; sheets of newsprint, color markers and student voices for making the sound of wind.

Classroom set up: Actors in front of class. Soundscape people behind cardboard divider.

Description: There's three parts to this lesson. The first part is the making of the rainsticks. The second part is the dramatization of the storm chapter in Sarah, Plain and Tall. The third part is to create the sounds of a prairie storm by creating a soundscape with the students first drawing out symbols to represent the sounds and when they come in during the storm. The soundscape group will use their mouths to create wind sound; fingers tapping on newsprint paper to begin the sound of rain, then as the rain gets harder, in comes the rainstick sounds made by all the rainsticks in the class; then the thundering sounds by shaking the newsprint paper. They will reverse the actions as the storm subsides.


Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  music will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.