Found Sound Band





Description of Lesson:            Working in groups of five, students will compose a one- minute musical piece using the found sounds they brought from home.  Students will choose symbols to represent each sound and compose their piece, layering two or more random sounds throughout the composition.  Students will then perform their musical composition for the entire class.

Goals of lesson:                  

Students will:

  1. Transform aural stimuli into a musical composition.

  2. Organize found sounds into a one-minute composition.

  3. Work cooperatively while expressing individual ideas.

  4.  Create, present, and evaluate group compositions.

Materials needed:                 

1.  Found sounds brought from home.

2.  Paper and pencil.

3.     Clock or second hand on a watch to keep track of time.

Assessment Criteria:               

1.  Group completes musical composition.

2.  Evidence of flow and layering

 3.  Cooperatively working in groups.

Assessment Strategies:          

1.  Group presents musical composition.

2.  Teacher observation.

3.  Group discussion.

4.  Peer review.


Working in groups of eight or more, have students create a composition that lasts two to three minutes.  Have students design and build their own instruments to be used in a musical composition.

Integration:     Music, visual art, writing 


I must admit that I was afraid to ask my students to create a musical composition of any kind in our classroom setting.  After my second weekend of instruction, you (Emma) talked with me and told me that the whole purpose of our class was to allow students to compose and create their own sounds.  This really upset me, not only did I not think that I could teach music, but now I must ask my students to create their own pieces.  I decided to use the exercise I was taught in class, using found sounds and creating a composition with a cooperative group.  I modified the clock assignment we learned in class, I put my students in groups of five, and asked the group to compose a musical piece using all the found sounds in their group to cooperatively compose a one-minute piece to perform in front of the class. 

The aura in the class was phenomenal.  The students spent twenty minutes discussing and practicing their sounds, while working to create their final piece for performance.  I was so excited by their enthusiasm, I ran to the principalsí office and asked her to come and observe my students at work while they were composing their pieces.  The students did a great job working together and composing music from found sounds, and I feel that they learned that there is more to music then what they listen to on the radio.  I also learned that I could give my students experiences that I may not be comfortable teaching, and my students will succeed on their own.         



























Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  music will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.