Internet Frog Poetry (2)



My second grade classroom is learning about frogs and frog life cycles. We are learning about frogs using a web quest called, “Frogs Around the World”, that I designed this summer.  


1.  Students will generate 3 describing words or phrases that describe their frogs photograph.

2.  Students will follow a map to arrive at the correct web site to find their frog.

3.  Students will scan the text and choose 3 meaningful words that are about their frog.

4.     Students will choose 2 new facts about their frogs with their partner.

5.     Students will arrange their partners and their words into lines of poetry that describe and tell about their frogs.

6.     Students will read their poems to the classroom to introduce them to their frog.

Materials: -Enough computers with Internet access

                3-yellow index cards /per student

                3-purple index cards /per student

                1-green index card /per student

                    Construction paper, markers, 

                    scrap  paper


1. Use the Internet worksheet to log on.

2. On back follow the directions for using the 

    index cards

3. Have partners arrange cards in 3 different 

    poems and then choose  their favorite.                                  

4. Copy poem onto piece of paper.

5. Look up all the words in the dictionary and 

    find the correct spelling.

6. Recopy corrected words onto new cards.

7. Decorate words to show their meaning and trim 

     the cards down.

8. Arrange cards back into poem onto construction 


9. Partners practice reading poem

10. Partners read poem to introduce it to class.


I will assess student’s word choice to describe their frog for use of interesting words. I will assess meaningful words to see where students are in ability to scan text. I will assess the final reading of the poem for effort and beginning knowledge of their frog.


Students will use their poems in a couple of months in their final partner presentation about their frog.

Reflection -

This was so much fun and so full of teachable moments. The students gathered some great initial information about their frogs and we discussed many different points about poetry, form, line, and rhythm.  

Frogs Around the World WEBQUEST - developed for 2nd and 3rd Graders at Martha Lake Elementary



















































Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  poetry will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.