Seeing Winter Landscapes Through The Writing of Cinquain Poems

The words in the “Mixing bowl” were all brainstormed by first graders-


Noun Word Bank:  winter, snow, bushes, snowstorm, avalanche, blizzard, snowflakes, icicles, ice, snowman, snow angel, ice skater, snow, balls, Frosty


Adjective Word Bank: shimmering, sparkling, glistening, freezing, melting, twinkling, cold, frosty, pretty, fast, frozen, silent, soft, quiet, globby, shining, glowing, wet, slippery, white, slick, slushy, sloshy


Verb Word Bank:  Twirling, dancing, jumping, writing, swirling, gliding, smiling, falling, squishing, hiding, covering, blanketing, snapping, crunching


Student Poetry Examples Written Using The Word bank:







FROSTY                                                      SNOW

   Cold, twinkling,                                                          White, cold,

Dancing, shivering, smiling,                          Twirling, spinning, falling

     Mom helps me build,                                                 Fun for playing in.

          Snowflakes.                                                               Snowflakes.

Arianna, age 7                                                                                           Tyler, age 7


SNOW                                                          Frosty

           Glittering, cold,                                          Silent, melting,

   Falling, covering, blanketing,                 Shivering, glittering, smiling,

            A pretty white sight,                             Singing to my family

Ice.                                                             Man.

                                       Brooke, age 7                                                                                 Eric, age 7


WINTER                                            Ice

      Shimmering, melting,                                                       Cold, white,

Blanketing, jumping, falling,                          Shivering, gliding, skating,

         Playing in the snow,                                          Falling breaking into pieces,

                  Icicles.                                                                  Icicles.

                                    Aidan, age 7                                                                                           CJ, age 7