Study of Weather and Fine Motor Practice (Sp. ed. 2-3)


Lesson Plan Theme: Study of weather

Objective: Improve fine motor skills

  Materials: paper, watercolors, scissors, tag board, construction paper, protractor, hole punch, scotch tape, paperclips, Saran or shrink wrap


On watercolor paper, student will draw a cloud shape, cut it out, trace it, and cut out a second cloud shape. Tape to a base paper with opposite sides up. Paint clouds with watercolor.

Using protractor trace two rainbow arches onto watercolor paper. Paint rainbows using watercolors. When dry cut them out.

Trace two circle shapes onto tag board. Cut the circles out. Place a circle on yellow or orange construction paper and draw sunrays around circle. Cut the shape out. Glue tag board circles onto sunray shape.

Glue the rainbows together (painted sides out). Glue the clouds together around edges only, leaving a small opening for stuffing. Stuff cloud when glue is dried and completely glue the open edge .

Draw and cut raindrops from construction paper or decorative paper and dangle from clouds via strips or saran/shrink wrap. Glue to cloud.

Punch holes in the top and bottom of sun and rainbow, and at top of cloud. Open paperclips to an S shape to make hangars between objects (sun, rainbow and cloud). 


















































Making an effort to increase student learning by integrating  art will help children gain meaningful context to their lives.