Creativity Kit and Workshop Information

Workshops are available to inspire K-8th grade educators to teach through the arts and to recognize the cognitive and social powers the arts have on learning. Hands on, fast past, and individualized for the needs of the group, are of high priority to the presenter. You will take away lessons that can be used in your classroom the following day, an understanding of why the arts are crucial in learning, and access to resources that will allow you to continue to use the arts and further your own understanding of arts integration. 

If you are interested in a workshop, please contact us here.


A Creativity toolkit is a place to keep various supplies that help integrate the arts. The following list is a  list of supplies to have on hand that will help support many of the art lessons that are suggested on the website. Create your own kit to help make art integration smoother.

~Scarves- multi-colored, 1 yard long, 20-30
~Rocks- rocks with variations in color and texture, palm-size, class set
~crepe paper
~Beans, lima, pinto, garbanzo, black, white.
~Needles and thread- class set
~Background felt (large)
~Felt pieces (misc.)
~Pictures of people (magazines)- a class set and a half- mounting on cardstock and laminating suggested
~Pictures of places (magazines)- a class set - mounting on cardstock and laminating suggested
~Necktie Snake- (1)- with directions for making
~Rainstick- (1) - with directions for making
~Plaster mask- (1) - with directions for making
~Puppet- 1 or more
~Teacherís creativity journal- (1 hardcopy to make copies from)
~Toys-(small/tiny)- class and a half  set
~Finger eyeballs- class set
~ Instrument-(rhythm instrument suggested)

Tools that should be on hand in the classroom:


 Tacky glue

 Hot glue guns


Consumables that should be available in the classroom:

Oil Pastels


Construction paper

White paper


Tempera paint