Drama Activities (K-8)

Visual Drama - A PowerPoint Presentation

The Three Little Pigs - A Quick Play (K)

Increasing Motor Awareness (Sp. Ed & K)

Increasing Movement Awareness (Sp Ed. & K)

We're Going on a Bear Hunt (K-2)

Drama, Art, and Creative Writing (3)

Increasing Motor Planning (Sp. Ed, 3-4)

Acting Out the Ice Age (4-6)

Using Drama to Improve Reading Comprehension (4-6)

Drama to Assess Body Systems (5+)

Drama and Descriptive Writing (4-6)

Drama and Figurative Language (4-6)

Drama and Reader's Theatre (4-6)

Life Maps (5-6)

Improvisation and Character Development (6-8)

Name Tag and Pantomime (6-8)



Drama  Perspectives


Drama Reflection and Rationale