Art is a way to draw together many different subject areas to create a cohesive curriculum. It allows students to learn in a variety of ways, encourages creative processes and allows for individual learning styles to be developed and appreciated.  Arts allows for blossoming of more than traditional verbal, linguistic, or logical- mathematical intelligences relied upon predominantly in traditional classrooms settings. Teaching through the arts provides for inclusion of diversity in the classroom (both multicultural and differently-abled). In his book, Arts with the Brain in Mind, noted author Eric Jensen builds strong arguments for art as a brain developer, and as an enhancer of the process of learning.  He puts the arts in it’s rightful place, that of a major discipline. Educational researchers, Wendy Geoghegan and Karen Gallas, carefully articulate the role of art integration in the classroom.  “The arts, properly taught, are basic to individual development since they, more than any other subject, awaken all the senses –the pores of learning.” (Geoghegan, 1994). “What we understood from our experiences with the art as subject matter and as inspiration was that knowing was not just telling something back as we had received it. Knowing meant transformation and change as well as a gradual awareness of what we had learned (Gallas, 1996).”

This website is a vision of a group of Lesley University graduate students. Our goal is to share our experiences, knowledge, and personal perspectives so that other educators have ideas to integrate the arts and multiple intelligences throughout their classroom curriculum.  Please join us in celebrating the arts as a powerful learning tool!