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Integrating the Arts in education cements learning for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. The lessons in this website help teachers integrate the arts in ways that are meaningful and accessible for all students.

With current educational reform looking at ways to improve student learning, teachers need to look for ways to affect positive outcomes in the areas of changing curriculum and teaching strategies. In 1999 John Goodlad, Co-Director of the Center for Educational Renewal wrote after visiting many schools, “Although progressive views have enjoyed sufficient visibility to bring down on them and their adherents barrages of negative rhetoric, they have managed to create only isolated islands of practice . . . Most teachers adhere closely to a view of school as they experienced it as students and so perpetuate the traditional”.   The American educational system, is struggling with breaking the ties with the past that makes education the “way it has always been taught”; with the teacher lecturing and the children “sponges” soaking up the knowledge.

These lessons step out of the passive approach to education and make students the directors of learning and active participants in their educational process.


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Art Cements Learning for Students

Art connects concepts in meaningful ways.


Art helps children explore their culture, lives and experiences.