Music Activities for All Ages

Music Activities - A PowerPoint

Found Sound Band (K)

Curriculum Tunes (1-6)

African Rhythms and Patterns (1-6)

Rhythm Sticks (Sp. Ed. - Gr. 1)

Hopscotch (Sp. Ed. - Gr. 2-3)

Retelling A Story Through Song (2)

Rapping Multiplication (3)

A my name is Alice (3)

Songs for Research (3)

Prairie Town (3)

Halloween Soundscapes (4-6)

Experiencing Environmental Sounds (4-6)

Lummi Sticks (4-6)

A Playground Symphony (4-6)

Dancing in the Empty Space (6-8)

Interplay of the Arts (6-8)

A Found Sound Band (6-8)



Music Perspectives


Music is Essential

Music Integration - Does it Affect Student Learning? 

Music is a Part of "Basic Education"

Musical Notes: A Reflection