Rationale In Support Of The Arts






















Eisner, E. (1998). The Kinds of Schools We Need.  New York: New York

University Press.

In this chapter, Eisner presents a short autobiography of himself to share his own childhood experiences.  His views and feelings on why art is important to the education of our children are evidenced through his early memories of himself. He uses powerful words, meant to get the attention of any educator, that incorporating the arts into the curriculum is a must.  Eisner’s story and words reminds us all that to teach is something more than to be in the room and watch over our students.  We must become dedicated to the incorporation of the arts into our daily curriculum in order to be successful leaders of our students and give them what they deserve.


Fowler, C. ( 1996). Strong Arts, Strong Schools. New York: Oxford University Press.

Fowler shares with the reader his view on why schools that include the arts are schools of excellence.  To benefit everyone by the inclusion of arts is plain and simple in his opinion. Fowler has a way with words that reinforce his idea:  teachers of all curriculums need to incorporate the arts into their daily lesson plans.


















































“educational practice does not display its highest virtues in uniformity, but in nurturing productive diversity” (Eisner, 1998, p.68).