Super Shiny Happy World is a fabulous place to be

If you take a glance around this is what you’ll see

The environment is fabulous, natural, clean, and grown

The economy is booming and poverties unknown.


The government reflects the country that it leads

Children are all celebrated and met are all their needs

Self-assured adults who are well-adjusted thinkers

Make positive decisions and are collaborative leaders


How? How you say?

How did it get to be this way?

Well, let’s see. It all started out way back when.

When the arts were fully integrated, integrated in!


A group of teachers in 2001

Had had enough................... they were done.

Done with worksheets, the lack of arts

And curriculum that historically lacked women’s smarts.


They were tired of trying to fit IT all in

and students who couldn’t get it .......again and again

Sick of Gradgrind horrors and high stakes tests

That wouldn’t ever truly show every child’s best


Group 9, they were called, the leaders of change

Their goal, to create classrooms that could meet the range

They integrated and taught the arts

They utilized each child’s smarts


Was it easy............. NO

But they gave it their GO

They tried many different ways, they read all the right books

And sure enough, from Gradgrinds,  they got many strange looks.


Harvey taught reading through Shakespeare and more

Holly checked comprehension with pop up book  ‘saurs

Chris used meaningful statistics to teach about percents

And Ruth made the alphabet belong to her young kits!


They did the transformation model to include female experience

Practiced all curriculum ideologies which took a lot of patience

They recognized the need to exist socially, globally, and intrinsically

And took to heart the article, “Music in schools: An unfinished symphony”


In their classes, all  were taught through the Arts of their world, selves, and subjects

No longer were they solely taught to just produce or be objects.

Student started getting it and smiling much more

Their learning was no longer guided by a horrible Gradgrind bore!


And then it slowly began to spread

The Gradgrinds of the world were filled with dread!

The students of Group 9 began to share the news

And the group itself saw their success and knew they couldn’t lose.


They encouraged teachers everywhere to  dialogue with peers

To take pride in themselves and share their fears

They spread the word that change was in

And only then did it begin.


Slowly. Oh so slowly, the teachers began to see

That  Group 9 was learning and sharing about a new way to be

Celebrate the arts. Trust the process. Use them as your tools.

Then it happened, Everyone became art teachers...............

there were 50 in each school!


Administrators caught on too that change was on the way

Heather kept on fighting lies (and they began to pay)

Scores went up in everything and moral was out the roof

Students and staff just smiled they knew which was the truest proof.


Parents were not far behind in seeing the amazing transformations

They rallied and picketed for more funding and threatened ramifications

And what happened next was amazing indeed

The National Defense Budget was cut and schools were given what they’d need.


The cheer went up and so far out

People everywhere did shout,

“Support the teachers, arts, and kids!”

And then the world finally did.


So, now you see how we got here

And yes you see my happy tears

It was a long row they hoed

So much strength and time they showed


But stop and look where we are now

Not muffled by a Gradgrind frown

But instead, because they toiled

here we are in this Super Shiny Happy World!



Dedicated to the troops of Shoreline’s Group 9!


By Jenn McMurrin