Social Project Unit/ Action Plan



Objective: To bring information on the issue of family time to my students and their families. To increase the amount and quality of time that families are spending together.


Rationale: After researching the topic of family time with my group I realized how integral strong families are to a strong society. I also realized that as an educator within the public school system I play a large part in the amount of time children are with/ without their families. My goal as an educator is to teach children the concept of family and provide opportunities for them to explore their family unit and members. As well, I intend to provide time and information to families on increasing their family’s quality and quantity of time together. This will not be done in a preachy forceful way but under the pretense of state standards. The second and third grade social studies and life skills standards include the concept of community and family and individual responsibilities within both.





Curriculum Night- This is held early in September to discuss classroom curriculum and procedures. On this night I will present that our theme for the year is “communities” under this heading we will explore our family, classroom, school, city, and state/countries, communities. As well, we will be comparing and contrasting these communities with a class in Sydnie Australia. I will also explain that, except for spelling and reading, homework will be given in a project form. The projects will encourage family support and be open ended to allow families to budget their time together.


Family Night- Every Tuesday night will be set aside as family night. No homework, spelling, or projects will be due on Wednesday. In my weekly newsletter, a list of ideas will be posted each week for possible family activities. As well, appropriate statistics will be posted about the importance of family time.


Student homework-

One project a month will be assigned and due at the end of the month.


Family interviews and book (September)- Students will interview each person in their household. They will find out a variety of information about each member and their responsibilities within their family and the community.

Interview questions-

  1. Full name, place of birth, parent’s full names
  2. Occupation- title and details
  3. Favorite hobby or pastimes
  4. Favorite family activity
  5. Their responsibilities within the family
  6. Their responsibility within their community


Students will then fill out the interview questions themselves.  Students will then rewrite the interview questions into paragraph format. Then they will draw a sketch of each family member. With their paragraphs and pictures they will create a book about their family. On each persons page they can draw or attach items that represent that family member and their interest. They can decorate the cover with photos or drawings or objects. (Supplies will be provided including pre-bound construction paper books.)



Family Mural (October)- Families will work together to create a mural that reflects their family. They can use a variety of mediums but it cannot be larger than the provided poster board. Students will write a paragraph or two describing the process the family took deciding how to approach the assignment and how they worked together to create it.


Elders Day- (October) Students will choose an elder from their household or community to make a gift for and celebrate their wisdom. (We will be working with a retirement home where we will be building relationships with elders in our community.) Students will prepare folktales to perform and questions to ask their chosen elder about their life. (This will be done during class time, not as homework).


The Family Dream House- (November)- Students will interview their household members on what would be three things that they each would want in their dream house.  The student will write down each person’s wishes. From the items that each person listed the student will create a floor map of the families dream home. They will draw both the outside and inside maps and label the rooms, areas, furniture, and objects. They will use 1-inch square graph papers and a tag board poster. They will present their poster maps to the class explaining the different areas that they included and who requested them and why.



Family Traditions- (December)- Students will write a story, draw a picture, create a diorama, ect. depicting their families special winter traditions.







What is family?- Students will write a narrative paper illustrating what makes a group a family, that families are diverse, that each member is important, and what responsibilities they have to their family. They will also do an artistic piece that represents the concept of family. They can choose from painting, writing, clay or wire sculpting, or a proposed project.


Family survey?-I will send home a family survey in December asking if the homework structure has encouraged family time or made it more stressful. As well, it will encourage comments on what has worked with the format of project-based homework and what has not. I will also ask about the usefulness of family night and for comments on what would improve it.