Native American PowerPoint Presentation Requirements



Thirteen Slides Required


Slide #1:  Title:  Name of Tribe


Slide #2:  Where did they live: map, climate and region described.


Slide #3:  Type of housing:  drawing, photo, description.


Slide #4:  What foods did they eat?


Slide #5:  Form of government:  Who was in charge?  What did they do?


Slide #6:  Religious beliefs:  What or who did they worship?  Ceremonies, dances, marriage etc.


Slide #7:  What was the role of the men?


Slide #8:  What was the role of the women?


Slide #9:  How did they raise their children?  What was the role of the children?  Who did they live with?


Slide #10:  What type of language or communication did they use?


Slide #11:  What did they do for recreation?  Art, crafts, music.


Slide #12:  Other interesting facts.  How does what you learned about this Native American Tribe relate to the movie executives view that “All Native Americans are the same”?


Slide #13:  Bibliography