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 Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education Supersite
Learn about ways to integrate Multicultural Education in the classroom.  Multicultural articles regarding philosophy and curriculum transformation. 

Center for Multicultural Education
The Center for Multicultural Education at the University of Washington focuses on research projects and activities designed to improve practice in classrooms.

Rethinking Schools Online
Rethinking Schools Online. For the past five years Rethinking Schools Online has provided news, commentary, and resources to teachers .

Janet Young's Educational Voyage in Multiple Intelligences
Janet Young's Page on the Multiple Intelligences. Excellent information for parents, teachers, and students.

Educating All 

The rich diversity of today's society is clearly evident in many classrooms today. It is no longer enough to educate some of our children. Schools and learning environments must work for all and must reflect the cultures of the communities they serve.

Multicultural Art Prints
This is a site that consists of art prints from different cultures, a
discussion of the artwork in context of the culture, history and background. It also include questions and activities for elementary , middle school and high school grade levels to discuss the four art disciplines-aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and art making.

Multicultural Art
The largest collection of free art lessons for K-12 on the internet

Arts and Music
This is a superlink site to multicultural art related lesson plans,
resources, songs, crafts, developing curricula and effective ways to
implement it. This by far is my favorite site. It is loaded.

A very interesting site. Broad range of links to art materials, lesson
plans, book search, thematic resources, etc.

Teaching for Tolerance -Fight hate and Promote Tolerance- Lots of teacher resources

Teach Steps TO Tolerance- educational resources

A Bibliography of kids books that teach tolerance.

Multiple Intelligences


What is Multiple Intelligence Theory?

This site contains a synopsis of the MI theory, a short five minute survey you can take to get a feel of your intelligence, a video to view Howard Gardner, the MI founder, talking with students. You can also read short summaries of how MI has evolved since its inception, links to workshops and other resources, who are the critics and what they say about MI, explore the benefits of using MI in the classroom. There's also an annotated list of MI resources and links to lesson plans on the Disney Learning Partnership Teacher center. A very useful site.

New horizons

This site is a multiple intelligences bookshelf. There's a MI handbook,
lesson plans and more. View a chart showing before and after MI in 50 Boston area schools and its progress. Amazing!


Resources for Teaching with MI theory!

This site has condensed definitions of MI theory and each of the individual intelligences as well as links to resources.


Learning styles and the Multiple Intelligences

This site talks about learning styles and how it relates to MI theory. It
has an interactive assessment of your learning style/MI and tips to make your learning style work for you.


Armstrong's thoughts

This site has articles from Thomas Armstrong where he explains how MI is like a blueprint to learning. He gives very practical suggestions how to apply MI into your curriculum. A very useful example to adapt is how he uses MI to teach "time" to a class of 1st graders.

Schools that use MI Theory!

This site talks about SUMMIT, a project that investigates 40 schools nation wide that has been implementing the MI theory. It gives examples of some of implementations. There's a school in Renton, WA. How cool, we should check it out.

Fine Arts


The Incredible Art Department-Sponsored by the Artswire organization in Virginia this is a great page for students and teachers of all levels.

1,000 Years of Chinese Textiles - Discover the wonder of silk garments dating back to 4,900 B.C.!

Symmetry & Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets - Oriental carpets are revered for their complicated patterns and symmetry. Look for wonderful examples on this site.

The Heard Museum

  The Heard Museum in Arizona is dedicated to the art and culture of Native Americans.  The museum offers many online resources for the educator as well as the visitor.  Lesson plans and other educational material are available and for only the cost of postage, the museum will send you posters sets of original Native American art.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring brought the art of graffiti to the heights of the Whitney Museum.  This site has online activities for children and lesson plans and suggestions for the teacher reflecting the style and whimsy of the artist himself.

Teaching Tolerance

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a website dedicated to teaching tolerance. The activities and resources on this site include using the arts activities to reach and teach.

Smithsonian Institution   and    Smithsonian’s Education Link

Our national museums offer a wealth of information of integrating the arts in the classroom.  Sign up for their online magazine for kids that arrives full of activities and articles related to the exhibits.  There are links on the site to museums and resources celebrating our nation’s diversity. A great resource for teachers and parents.

African American Art and Artists

This general website will point you to other resources for African American art and artists. 

Pilot-Search- Arts and technology search engine

The Puppetry Home Page

Batik: Traditional Fabric of Indonesia - Batik designs and development. Art as clothing



Music4Kids is a music resource site where you can purchase any item relating the music education for children. It even has a system for finding lessons near your home.

Musical Mystery Tour

Musical Mystery Tour is a leading UK music site for children.
As well as songs, many written and performed for BBC children's TV series 'Green Claws' and schools radio 'Song Tree', you'll find rhyming stories, pictures, musical instruments and fun things to do.

Kidzmusic's job is to help parents find the best in children's music, by scouring the schools and libraries and festivals and children's birthday parties to bring you the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the . . . you get the picture. What are your needs? How can we help you? Let us know, and we will do our best to bring it on.

Indiana University School of Music
William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University School of Music Worldwide Internet Music Resources. A huge list of websites with music support

Why include Music in the classroom?

Music is...., has research supporting the value of music education

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Integrating music and song into history and SS lessons

Arts and Technology search engine
Arts and technology search engine



Online Poetry Classroom--great curriculum ideas

poetry pals: the k-12 student poetry publishing projectGreat lesson ideas

Pilot-Search: Poetry-an arts and technology search engine

The Poetry Society of America

Teachers & Writers - WriteNet-lots of lessons for creative writing, haiku maze

Favorite Poem Project-Americans saying the poems that they love

Poetry Daily, a new poem every day.-daily poetry fun for adults

Drama & Storytelling

Storytelling, Drama, Creative Dramatics, Puppetry & Readers Theater for Children & Young Adults
site has a very organized list of sites that support storytelling.


This site has a nice list of sites that have scripts of varying complexity.

Why include drama in the classroom

Creative drama and Theatre education resource site includes an excellent overview of why and how to include drama in the classroom.

Storytelling and Reader's Theater

Proteacher has a great collection of sites to support storytelling and reader's theater in the classroom.

Theatre for Young Audiences, Creative Drama

Theatre for Young Audiences, Creative Drama, If you are looking for a great children's play to produce, or for some really effective lesson plans for your Drama classroom, you came to the right place! It also includes a bibliography of helpful books, definitions terms with discussion, proven monologues for young performers, a list of great links, and tons of other helpful stuff.

Arts and Technology search engine
-Arts and tech search engine

Why include storytelling in the classroom
How does storytelling support children's literacy development? This Reading is Fundamental site gives great support for why storytelling supports literacy.

Storytelling links and support
Storytelling Resources- In this page you will find links to web-pages concerning storytelling, mythology and folklore. If you want to look for collections of stories, go to this page.

Preschool and up
Creative Ways to present old favorites and some less familiar stories:
"Traditional" and Nontraditional Telling (Puppets, Props, Crafts, Creative Dramatics etc.)

Preschool resources for storytelling

CHILDREN'S STORY TIME RESOURCES- a great resource page for preschool teacher's integrating storytelling.

The Origins of Storytelling

The Origins of Storytelling covers the purpose, history, and genres, of storytelling.

Storytelling groups and associations

A web directory of storytelling associations, networks, and groups



http://www.getty.edu/artsednet/-Site for educators to research ideas for the arts in education and what is happening through the Getty foundation.

Phi Delta Kappa International-Phi delta Kappan journal. Fantastic resource for educators.

Office: CABC: Center for Arts in the Basic Curriculum-Research articles on why art integration is essential to learning

 Zephyr Press - Home Page-lots of books on brains, MI, teaching

Arts Education-Americans for the Arts site


Literacy Links


CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide - The children's Literature Web guides, awards, resources, discussion boards.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Links to Education Resources



Movement Lessons
The Creative Movement page has a ton of simple movement lessons to incorporate into the classroom.

Why integrate the movements?
Creative Movement and Dance in Early Childhood Education is an article covering all of the benefits of integrating movement into the curriculum.

The National Dance Education Organization
The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is an autonomous non-profit organization dedicated to promoting standards of excellence in dance education by providing the dance artist and the dance educator a network of resources and support, a base for advocacy, and access to programs and projects that focus on the importance of dance in the human experience


Curriculum Links



Sites for Teachers- Huge bank of educational sites, webquests, lessons, projects, etc.

PBS TeacherSource- Current themes with lessons, cable support, very cool

Bookmarks for M. Glavac-The busy educator's guide to the WWW - a site directory, It's huge!

ARTSEDGE Search-lessons, ideas, current theme support, and more

ASCD Home-association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Learning-An excellent site made by teachers in a school in New Zealand! Lots of curriculum ideas

Poetry pals: the k-12 student poetry publishing project--Great collaborative lessons, definitions, ideas on teaching poetry

Pilot-Search-Arts and Technology search engine

Awesome Library for Teachers - K-12 Education Directory for Teachers

AskERIC Lesson Plans

CEC Lesson Plans

McREL - Hotlinks by Subjects

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